Five Ugliest Lies the Big Cosmetic Companies Tell You About Cosmetics and Beauty Products


Do you think the big cosmetic companies are telling you the truth about their cosmetic and beauty products? Do you really believe them? Maybe you like to read this article through and want to think again… I reveal here five lies these cosmetic companies tell you. And they will not like them to been revealed.

Lie 1 – Only Chinese Beauty Products Have Toxic Chemicals

The truth is that even many of the domestic products we can buy in local supermarkets contain chemicals that are linked to birth defects, learning disabilities, infertility, cancer and other health problems obagi tri mun . These chemicals are used in different types of everyday cosmetic products: everything from mascara and deodorant to even baby shampoos. And many (if not all) big cosmetic companies do that.

Lie 2 – The Amount of Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetic Products Is So Small that It Does Not Harm Anyone

The truth is that there are toxic chemicals. And I think you use more than just one of these products, right? These small amounts just add up and you might end up getting many times the amount cross the line. New studies also show that some chemicals, like hormone disruptors, can be harmful also on tiny doses.

Lie 3 – Kids’ Cosmetics Are Made Totally Safe

The truth is that there are unidentified fragrance and carcinogens in baby shampoo and bubble bath. And that’s perfectly legal procedure for cosmetic companies. This means that during every bath your baby can be exposed to tens of chemicals that have not been assessed for safety.

Lie 4 – If the Product Is Labeled “Natural” Or “Organic” It Is Perfectly Safe

The truth is that these words do not guarantee any safety – nor even that the product is natural. The US law does not regulate the use of the words like “natural” or “organic” on cosmetic and beauty products. There are standards for products using the seals like “USDA Certified Organic” but some of these products can still also contain harmful chemicals.

Lie 5 – None of the Ingredients Put Into Cosmetic Products Are Known to Be Harmful

The truth is that some chemicals that have been assessed for long-term health impacts and are widely known to be toxic are still allowed in cosmetics – and are widely used by cosmetic companies. The most problematic ones are petrochemicals, lead acetate, phthalates, placenta, nanoparticles, hydroquinone and fragrance.

Now, do you still believe what cosmetic companies tell you? And the fact is that there are 1,100 chemicals that are banned from cosmetic products in the European Union – and only 10 of these ingredients are banned in the United States.

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