For the Best Motorhomes, Seek Out Manufacturers That Put Quality First


The best motorhomes on the market are those that come from reputable manufacturers, are built with parts made by dependable vendors, and have the modern amenities that best suit your specific needs. Quality and safety are constants that must be met by each model, and the quality, not the quantity, of amenities are constant as well. However, deciding which manufacturers make the best motorhomes based on what amenities are available is a very personal decision.

In your search, be sure to find out not only who made the motorhome you are considering, but also who made the chassis and engine used in the RV  import motorhome from uk to nz. Some Newmar motorhomes make use of chassis and engines manufactured by Mercedes Benz, ensuring a smooth, safe drive marked by superior engineering. Some of the Class A motorhomes from Fleetwood and Damon use chassis by Freightliner, the long standing maker of over-the-road semi trucks. With the long frames used in the making of these RV’s a chassis from a truck company is bound to be dependable.

The best motorhomes in Class A, Class B, and Class C will have features that are crafted of solid, dependable materials. Cabinetry made of wood, not laminate or plastic, is a mark of quality workmanship, as is leather furniture, porcelain flooring, and full size or apartment size appliances from reputable manufacturers. The Newmar Ventana is a Class A motorhome that exhibits all of these, with hand crafted oak cabinets, porcelain floors, and side by side refrigerator and full size stove. You don’t have to purchase a Class A RV to enjoy this kind of quality, however. The Itasca Spirit offers many of the same creature comforts, made with the same quality materials and workmanship.

Seeking the best motorhome for you and your family should include many of these constants. Your motorhome should also come with a warranty, whether purchased new or preowned. Each manufacturer places a warranty on their new vehicles; reputable dealers will include some kind of extended warranty on their used models as well. Shop multiple dealers to find the best warranty, and be sure to ask about any available rebate offers. Some dealers offer special deals to those customers who seek their RV’s through the internet.

Before you even begin to shop, make some decisions about what you need and want in your new RV. The size of the motorhome you choose should hinge on several important factors, including the number of people who will be sleeping in your motorhome, the amount of time you will be spending in it, how comfortable you are driving various sizes of vehicles, and your own personal preferences. Often the needs of a young couple seeking a vehicle to take on an occasional vacation differ from those of a retired couple who plan to spend months at a time traveling and staying in their RV. Keep this in mind, and the vast number of choices in motorhomes will no longer seem as overwhelming, as you will have narrowed down your search.

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