Renee Dhyani is out of ‘Yeh Teri Galiyan’


Renee Dhyani, who was presented as the foe in ‘Yeh Teri Galiyan’, has stopped the show in the wake of being a piece of it for a year.

The entertainer isn’t excessively content with the manner in which her track is getting down to business and feels that her character (Beauty) has been consigned to the foundation. That is not all; with some other time jump round the corner, she feels that Beauty will additionally lose significance.

She says, “I have stopped the show in light of the fact that there was nothing left for me to investigate in my character. I would prefer not to stand like a prop on a show in the midst of an ocean of entertainers, as it isn’t just about wearing great garments and taking cash home.

As an artiste, I need to do testing work.” Yeh Teri Galiyan, “I was presented as the foe, however after a couple of time jumps and changes in the storyline, my character turned out to be simply one more one on the show. I would not like to remain at home for seven days, pondering when my track will continue on the show and henceforth, I chose to proceed onward.

Ask her about the buzz that her track was wrapped up as a result of her supposed fits and late comings, and she answers, “Why these accounts have surfaced just now, when I chosen to stopped the show? While the time jump was arranged as of late, I educated the creation house about my choice to stop around a month back.”

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