Repurpose Your Articles For Maximum Power


The first step is to rewrite your articles between article directory submissions. If you just submit the same version of the article to several article directories, then you will not see the full benefits with the search engines. Instead, either rewrite your articles or write completely new articles for each different article directory that you are using. It is a lot of effort to review and rewrite your articles, but by having articles on several high quality directories you are not putting all of your eggs into one proverbial basket.

A word of warning here. You will see tools advertised for rewriting, or even writing, articles. Do not use them! Rewriters do not produce good English language rewrites and writing tools just steal snippets of writing from other websites. Either method could easily get you banned from the best article directories

Next, start blogging. If you do not already have a blog on your website, get one. Then post copies of articles, chunks of articles or whatever, to your own blog. Sometimes I split articles down to post to my own blogs and sometimes I join a couple together. For example, I might write a 1000 word post, which is too much for an article. In this case I will carefully split it and check that it still makes sense as 2, or even 3, articles.

Why blog though? There are two reasons. First, you are constantly adding new, fresh content to your website. Even if you have a static site, by blogging you have a constant flow of new content and search engines will see this and you get a huge boost. It is much better to have a fresh website than a stale one when you are fighting for search engine visitors.

Second, if people are searching for what you talk about in your articles, then if you have them published on your website they might just find your website and take an interest. Some make become subscribers to the blog and eventually buyers.

Ultimately, you can also compile a selection of your posts into an eBook and either sell it to your visitors, offer it in return for signing up to a newsletter or give it away for some other reason.

Forget changing the code of your website, concentrate on what matters – get some articles written! The more articles you can write and the more places they are published in the better your website traffic should be!

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