Thanh An Trading and Investment Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high quality compoiste manhole covers


Composite manhole cover is an innovative product to meet the needs of human consumption. Products possess many advantages and smarter than the old manhole covers. This type of material made of synthetic resin is very durable and cheap. Using the manhole cover made of composite material brings many benefits to people.

Compostie manhole cover effectively prevents theft

We know that manhole theft happens a lot. Especially in the area of ​​big cities, there are many types of manhole covers. Every night in Hanoi nap ho ga gang cau, up to 10 manhole covers are lost. This affects the drainage system, dangerous for passersby. At the same time it takes a fee to reinstall the manhole cover for the municipality.


This is also a reminder of the consciousness of people living. To overcome this situation, manhole covers made from composite were born. Products are a measure sought by many companies. Using anti-theft composite manhole cover effectively. Because composite manhole covers are of low recovery value, it is difficult to recycle.


Composite manhole covers are subject to large loads


Most manhole covers are now installed in public places with many vehicles. Material should be able to withstand large loads. For composite manhole cover can limit the noise when passing vehicles. Products withstand large vehicle loads. This manhole cover feature is long life.


Using this manhole cover can be used for more than 30 years without cracking or fading. The product also has effective odor resistance. This is a great benefit that users get when choosing gas covers from composite. Using this type of manhole cover saves big costs in the future.


Composite manhole cover is highly heat resistant, corrosion resistant


Use manhole covers made from good quality composite material. The manufacturing process creates a quality digital manhole cover. Therefore, the product is resistant to high and low temperatures. At the same time, the manhole cover from composite is anti-corrosion, anti-aging. The features of this manhole cover meet environmental friendly standards.


With these features, using composite manhole covers everywhere is appropriate. Especially the product is suitable with the weather and climate conditions of our country. That is why the product is widely used.


Manhole cover with composite handy


Is a product made from synthetic materials so it is very light. Compared to cast iron manhole covers, cast iron has a lighter weight. Iron and steel materials are heavy and difficult to move. Using composite manhole covers, it is easy to move to other places.


This helps the process of installing and moving products easily. Save big investment costs for users. Products are currently widely used in all areas.


Composite manhole cover range widely used


Composite manhole cover products have many features. This manhole cover model can be used in many different terrains and weather. Products withstand large loads should be installed in urban areas, rural roads, constructions, houses, …


The outstanding advantages of composite manhole covers are proven. Therefore, in the near future, the product is an effective solution for infrastructure. This type of manhole cover is also cheap, so it saves a lot of costs for customers.


Through the article you know the composite manhole cover brings many benefits to people. Use this type of manhole cover to get many great advantages.



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