Types of manhole covers are popular nowadays


Manhole covers are widely installed in residential areas, urban areas, roads, sidewalks, … Various types of manhole covers are available to meet the needs of human consumption. Each type of manhole cover has its own dimensions and load capacity. So what types of manhole covers are currently commonly used?

Manhole cover in concrete

Perhaps the manhole cover is not new to our life. This type of manhole cover is found in many roads in villages, communes and districts. Small roads with few large displacement vehicles pass. This type of manhole cover appears first among the manhole covers. Because previously nắp hố ga bằng thép, raw materials were scarce and difficult to exploit.

Concrete and available materials should be used as manhole covers. Although it is the first type of manhole cover is present and has many applications. But the manhole cover has many disadvantages compared to other types. Today’s manhole covers are durable and long lasting. But manhole covers are quite heavy and difficult to move.

Fragile product if a large truck passes. Concrete manhole covers withstand low vehicle loads. The product withstands less force than the wall models. The price of manhole covers is cheaper than current models.

Cast iron manhole cover

We all know cast iron is a high quality material with good durability. Cast iron should be used to make manhole covers with many advantages. The product has high strength, good impact resistance. Cast iron manholes have a lifespan of up to dozens of years. Used for many years but the manhole cover retains as the original definition. The color of manhole covers does not fade, bend and break.

Cast iron manhole covers are reusable. The product is used in many highways, where there is a lot of traffic. Manhole cover is widely used in life. Because the product possesses many outstanding features.

Types of steel manhole covers

Steel has many characteristics similar to cast iron. The product has high durability and good aesthetics. Steel manhole covers offer many attractive features. The product has good strength and strength. In addition, the steel manhole covers prevent wear and tear. Products have many sizes, models withstand large vehicle loads.

Steel manhole covers are of high economic value, reusable materials. Products used in many areas of life. Steel manhole covers debris well, ensuring drainage for the rainy season. Manhole cover is also highly aesthetic, now the product has an effective anti-theft latch.

Composite manhole cover

Current types of manhole covers cannot be ignored for composite manhole covers. This is a synthetic material with good durability and strength. The product is not inferior to the models of manhole covers made of steel and cast iron. In particular, the lightweight composite manhole cover is easy to install and move. Products withstand many different vehicle loads.

Currently, people use this type of manhole cover due to many attractive features. It is cheaper than iron and steel manhole covers. Material difficult to reuse should prevent theft.

Through the information about the types of manhole covers on you know today we are using the types of manhole covers. Hopefully after watching this article, you will update more new knowledge about manhole covers.

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