WoW Gold For Sale – Is it Risky?

Let’s face it we all live in the real world and any time real money is involved you’re going to attract certain types of people. Playing world of Warcraft can often be an infuriating experience – it’s great fun but often progress is hampered by the difficulty in making money. If you have seen the adverts stating WoW gold for sale you’ve probably been tempted.

So is it worth buying gold and saving yourself some hours? First lets see what the official position is – it is quite clear from the terms of service that Blizzard states that buying or selling any in-game item like gold or items is a breach of that agreement. In practice they are likely to take selling more seriously than the buyers. A statement from Blizzard is below

Fairly heavy – it is likely they are less severe on the buyers but you still risk a minimum of suspension of account for a period of time but maybe deletion shop acc lien quan . Is losing you account worth a few extra gold – your choice. Of course it’s only a game and if you want to risk your character buying some extra WoW gold it might be worth it to you.

However Blizzard knows that the environment and economy of Azeroth can easily be undermined by such practices so don’t expect them to be generous if you’re caught – World of Warcraft gold is big business.

Let’s think how these gold sellers gain this endless supply of WoW gold for sale. Firstly they farm it legitimately – they will all use the most efficient method, tactics and tricks. Next they will buy surplus items and gold from in game players to resell. Unfortunately there are less honest methods actively being used – many players take advantage of power-levelling services only too have their account ripped off some months later (all items and gold stolen), Accounts are regularly hacked and emptied – all this gold goes into the black economy of Azeroth – you could well be buying ripped off WoW gold from a hacked account.

It’s best to steer clear of all these sites – it’s a game don’t get too serious. Buying WoW gold can actually cause problems in this stupid game we all love! If you want to dodge the Gold farming grind in World of Warcraft – the best way is to buy one of the professional guides which can teach you these super efficient tactics to earn real gold in World of Warcraft.

So stay away from the WoW gold for sale signs and check out these excellent guides which will work out far cheaper and make you experience in Azeroth so much better.

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